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Temple Adas Shalom Board Members

Our Board Members are comprised of amazing volunteers who diligently give of themselves to continue and expand our presence as a world-healing place. As Jews, we place a very high value on service, and these members are wonderful examples of that giving spirit.

Temple Adas Shalom Executive Board of Trustees

President:    Mark Wolkow
Board Secretary:    Jonas Vogelhut
Immediate Past President:    Michael Gordon
V.P. of Membership:    Stephen Marksamer
V.P. of Education:    Michael Mullis
Treasurer:    Brian Schorr
Religious Practices:    Melissa Immel


Temple Adas Shalom Board of Trustees

Adult Education:    Brian Folus
Caring Committee:    Nancy Lever
Caring Committee:    Mickie Sachs
Emeritus:    Rayna Richardson
Fundraising:    Toby Merriken
Fundraising:    Terry Weiner
Sisterhood President:    Pat Wolkow
Social Committee:   Susannah Kolstad
Social Committee:   Jessica Hurst


Temple Adas Shalom Appointed Board

Building & Grounds:    Fred Edeson
Cemetery:    Melissa Immel
HJC Early Learning Chair:    Pat Wolkow
Kehillah MAGNET Chair:    Joel Yoffee
Social Action:    Alison Filicko
Technology:    Stu Needel

Temple Adas Shalom Staff

Temple Adas Shalom Staff

Administrator:    Courtney Marcheski
Bookkeeper:    Courtney Marcheski
Gift Shop:    Denise Gordon
Gift Shop:    Pat Wolkow
Temple Shamus:    Irwin Rosenfeld
Webmaster:    Courtney Marcheski


Temple Adas Shalom Education Staff

HJC ELC Director:    DeNae Harmon
Kehillah MAGNET Principal:    Sarah O’Donnell
TAS Choir Director:    Michael Mullis


Temple Adas Shalom Committee Leaders

Catering Committee:    Robin Way
Finance Committee:    Michael Gordon
Investment Committee:   TBD
ONEG Committee:   Karen Wood
Reopening Committee:   Barry Baker
Reopening Committee:   Linda Needel
Sun, September 25 2022 29 Elul 5782